• My biggest critic

    It’s me. I’m my biggest critic. For as long as I can remember I have been so hard on myself: Why do you always forget peoples’ names?? Why can’t you just get the writing done? You are so lazy! Why is your desk so messy again already?? How hard is it to be organised?! How […]


  • Shut up and write

    This is soooo me. Another post in the same day. Always a sprint, not so good on the marathons. The truth is I hope to create a bit of a suppository of tips for other PhD candidates out there who are neuro diverse. So I might punch out a few posts early and write about […]

  • Bullet Journalling – game changer or new hyper focus?

    So I have the privilege of having access to the brilliant Thesis Whisperer, Professor Inger Mewburn at ANU. She recently told me about Bullet Journalling and with great gusto I have bought the book, two journals and learnt all there is to know about it. At first it looked a bit too complicated, but knowing […]

  • Procrastination

    I’ll write about this a bit later.

  • Walking in three worlds

    I am no stranger to blogging. I blogged a long journey almost 20 years ago, with a good following. Then Facebook became a thing and I got the connection I needed to the outside world that way instead. That blog is now dusty and unloved in Blogger land somewhere. My life has changed dramatically since […]